“Mise en place” – photo essay

It’s a French phrase, something I learned from Lucky Peach in their “The Cooks & Chefs Issue,” meaning “putting in place.” From professional kitchen jargon, it refers to how one sets up their space to do the prepping, baking and cooking needed during one’s shift.

In the Lucky Peach Spring 2012 edition, a chef was interviewed and asked, when are you having a good day? “When the mise en place is good,” he replied, along with a few other things.

When are you having a bad day? He replied, when the mise en place is bad, and then details.

I recently posted on my experience as a server in a local, popular restaurant. In reflecting on how being a waitress helped me become a better massage therapist, I realized I have little “mise en place” all over my office: stations of aid, that help me do my job. When these are clean, organized, well-stocked and pleasing to the eye, my work goes well.

So here are some pictures of my office “mise en place.”

The Desk

The Oils, White Sage and Crockpot…for heating towels

The Desk

The Desk

The Reiki Altar

The Reiki Altar

Hanging in the Window, in direct line of sight when I'm seated at client's head

Hanging in the Window, in direct line of sight when I’m seated at client’s head

The Client Folder

The Client Folder

The table, with summer spread. (not a work station, so much, as the place of work itself....like a gas range in a kitchen)

The table, with summer spread. (more the place of work itself, like a gas range in a kitchen)

What you just read is not my fault. It’s because my friend, colleague, co-conspirator and pants kicker Rowan Blaisdell talked me into it, and also, because I cannot resist a write-off: 31 Posts in 31 Days August Blog Challenge, Business Blogging School. Caution snuffed, perfectionism cast off like a smelly cloak: this is blog #19.

5 thoughts on ““Mise en place” – photo essay

    • Coming from someone who gets an A+ in office, this means a lot! thank you darlin’! Yeah that bunny candle holder means a lot to me, came from someone really special…. : ) glad you like what you’ve been reading.

  1. I like the thought of “Mise en Place”, especially pertaining to my massage room. I work in a facility now, where I don’t have “my own” room…. still, I like to take the time to set up the space ahead of time, so that I am most comfortable during the treatment & my focus is on the treatment and not the stuff around me, whenever possible.
    Love seeing the photos of your space…very nice!

    • Hi Janet and thanks again for your feedback. Yeah, that’s tough, not having your own space and hoping for the best wherever you show up. You kind of have to know what you need and go into the room with all of it in mind. (I have been there, can you tell?) Exactly, the whole point of getting stuff set is so that you don’t have to think about it during session: you can concentrate.

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